Would you like to promote your region’s attractions to Japan’s wealthy?


Our company supports overseas local governments in developing experience gifts for affluent Japanese people.
For example, the Northern Lights shining in the night sky of Finland, the cheeses made by skilled artisans in Switzerland, the gorgeous and delicate Venetian glass of Italy, the flamenco of the passionate country of Spain…

The world is filled with a variety of fascinating resources, and Japanese wealthy people are very interested in them as well.

Why don’t you introduce the beautiful nature, gourmet food, and local specialties of these regions in a way that matches the needs of Japan’s affluent people, and sell them as experience gifts?
It doesn’t matter whether you would like to promote experiential consumption or consumption of things/goods.

What affluent Japanese people are looking for is not a mundane tourist resource that anyone can experience, but an authentic experience that goes one step further.
We want a gift that touches the most beautiful and the most wonderful parts of your region’s fascinating resources. We can help you uncover the true charm of your region and develop an experience gift that will allow you to deeply share the wonder of your region.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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